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Many Different Materials & Products Available For Your Elevator Interior

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “never in your wildest dreams…” 

Well, we don’t really believe in that. 

When it comes to your elevator interiors, it’s our job to make your wildest dreams come true. And we’ve got the talent, tools, and products to bring any vision to life. 

From carefully crafted wood structures with bronze finishing touches to durable, affordable plastic laminate, no task is too tall for our team. Plus, we have an ever-increasing inventory of equipment, fixtures, and other helpful products to keep your elevators looking and running great. 


Wondering just how wild your dreams for interior elevator design can be? We asked a couple of our employees about some of their favorite projects and dream installations for inspiration. 


Matt Brownell, Manager of Project Managers

Favorite Project — “The project 430 California in San Francisco. It was eight elevators and each one had a custom glass inter-layer image on the back wall. The different phases of construction from the life of the building when it first got built to what it currently looks like was interesting to see.”

Dream Elevator Design — “I have yet to sell it, but we have this handrail that looks like an oil filter. I’ll just bring it out in meetings and be like, how about this? It has yet to be selected, unfortunately, but one of these days we’ll find the right project for it.”


Pierce, Field Crew / Installer

Favorite Project — “Santa Clara square, without a doubt. The bookmatched wood, double handrails, and Italian stone. The wood was aligned exactly — so polished and perfect. The materials were beautiful. Everything was cut to fit and had to be precise. It was so tightly fit that when I put the panels on the walls, I heard air escaping. Super high-end and beautiful.”

Dream Elevator Design — “That’s a hard one. I love working with stainless steel, but I don’t always like the way it looks. I really like a metal and wood combo. The Lotte Hotel in Seattle is a great mix of metal, wood, and mirror. It’s dark and moody and was really fun to build.”


With projects ranging across a wide variety of aesthetics and purposes, our passionate team has the expertise and skills to take any idea to the finish line. If you’re interested in giving your elevator new life, request a quote or call to get in touch.