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Elevator Interior Designs That Consider a Balance of Style and Safety

Unique Elevator Interiors

December 1, 2023

Elevator Interior Designs That Consider a Balance of Style and Safety

Elevators do much more than move us from floor to floor; they are critical in how we experience a building. The best elevators strike a perfect balance—seamlessly blending the look of the building with functionality and style. They also consider everyone's needs, making every ride comfortable and convenient, whether it's a quick trip to the second floor or a climb to the top of a 50-story building. Here are a few design considerations when choosing your new elevator interior.

Use the Right Materials

Choosing sleek and durable materials is critical, not just in terms of aesthetics and functionality but also for safety testing.

For floors, consider tough yet elegant materials like Grama Blend - a thin, lightweight stone solution that bonds a composite base to a natural stone face, luxury vinyl tile, carpet tile, or even Nora rubber, which offers quick and easy cleanup.

For wall panels, material location should guide the decision. Materials below the handrail need to handle abuse far more than those above the handrail. Below the handrail options could be scratch-resistant materials such as Starbright stainless steel, a orwood-grained high pressure laminate (HPL), or a woven metal. Above the handrail options are plentiful such as natural wood veneer or colored glass…yes. Glass - it's surprisingly tough.

Lighting Options Have Come A Long Way

LED lights are the only way to go for elevator interiors. They are very efficient, bright and require little maintenance. From traditional recessed downlights and hidden perimeter lights to LED flat panels that provide a cloud feel, the options are nearly unlimited.

Choose the Right Partner

Choosing the right elevator interior company or design partner is also worth considering. Why?

Material Expertise: An experienced design partner will also look at how your elevator will be used, considering foot traffic, the building's function, passenger needs, and operational demands.

With their help, you'll choose materials that meet both form and functional needs all while keeping an eye on your budget, and ensuring your elevator is up for the job and matches the vibe of your building.

Proven Insight: Companies specializing in elevator interiors provide valuable design advice that balances aesthetics with practicality. A good design firm has expertise, knows the latest trends and technologies, and can suggest innovative solutions that improve safety and maximize visual appeal. The Unique Elevator Interiors AdvantageAt Unique Elevator Interiors, our approach to every project goes beyond the surface. We dive deep to truly understand what will work best for our clients, focusing on the “why” behind every design decision. This depth of understanding ensures a smooth and rewarding process from start to finish. 

We also pride ourselves in our creative use of materials. Our team knows exactly how to bring out the best in each material, ensuring longevity, safety, and style. After all, we're not just designing elevators; we're crafting experiences that perfectly align with the unique aesthetics of your building and fit within your budget.

And while it’s true that we excel at working with our hands, everything we do is guided by a people-first mindset. That means open communication, transparency, and a collaborative approach that turns every customer into a partner—not just another client.

Ready to Elevate Your Space?Unique Elevator Interiors is dedicated to enhancing your elevator interior's, style, and functionality. From the initial survey to the final installation, we ensure a smooth ride that's safe, compliant, aligns with your budget, and uses only the best quality materials. Contact us now to begin your elevator interior design journey!

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