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Why Your Elevator Interiors Should Be as Beautiful as Your Lobby

Imagine you’re the owner of a successful business, looking for a new office to accommodate your growing team. The first building you visit looks like something out of Office Space: bland, gray, flooded by fluorescent light, and probably stocked from an office supply catalog. 

But in the next building you tour, the lobby is breathtaking. You see a fireplace and walls lined with natural wood. Pleasant music plays in the background and people lounge on luxurious, carefully-curated furniture. 

Considering those options, which one are you most likely to choose for your team? 

Much has been written about how an inviting, well-designed lobby does wonders for raising a building’s value and giving visitors a great first impression. 

Trinity Phase 4  |  San Francisco, CA

But why stop with the lobby? 

A custom-designed elevator interior goes above and beyond – creating a seamless experience for visitors, attracting new tenants, and ultimately increasing a property’s value. 

“When property managers bring someone in at the lobby level, the elevators, believe it or not, are part of the lobby experience. When you walk in, you want to see continuity – if they see discontinuity, then they might attribute that to the rest of the building. It’s a better experience for prospective tenants all around.” – Duane Bolt, Senior Technical Sales Manager, UEI

What’s more, renovating your elevator interiors provides fantastic ROI.



If you’ve spent money on your building’s facade, lobby, and/or public areas, an outdated elevator that’s not stylistically consistent will stick out like a sore thumb. However, upgrading an elevator interior costs a fraction of other building renovations and will show potential tenants that you’re detail-oriented and willing to go the extra mile. 

100 Montgomery  |  San Francisco, CA


“You really need to consider the start to finish, especially when you have a prospective tenant touring the building. It is from the point of the street, how the building looks on the exterior, as they’re walking through the lobby, and then the experience continues all the way through going up in the elevators and then onto the floor they’re walking onto for the perspective space they’re going to be looking at. We all make snap judgments. You want to know right away that you are getting what you’re paying for.” –Alexia Shahvekilian, UEI customer

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